Frequently Asked Questions


Choosing the right program for your child for is as easy as knowing their age and current ability.

Baby & Me: Ages 6 months to 2.5 years old – All children of this age start here.

FUNdamentals: Ages 2.5 to 8 years old – Beginner swimmers that need to become water-safer.

Beginner Strokes: Ages 3-10 – Intermediate swimmers who can already swim 25 yards and tread water 60+ seconds

Two Options: 

  1. Clicking here will bring you to the Free Trial registration page.
  2. Give us a call at (404) 354-1180. We’ll ask you about your swimmer and find you the perfect trial class matched to their age and ability and (just as important) your schedule.

Good news! Registration is simple.  The easiest way is to visit the program page that makes the most sense for your child’s current age and ability. Baby & Me, FUNdamentals, or Beginner Strokes. Here you can learn more about the program curriculum goals and click over to a live registration schedule. We also schedule over the phone (404) 354-1180.


Swim Lesson pricing is slightly different for each program and are broken out below.  All programs are prorated by the number of lessons built into the calendar month.  For example: August 2018 has 4 calendar Tuesdays, while July 2018 has 5 calendar Tuesdays. If you registered for a Tuesday, your tuition would be automatically prorated to reflect the calendar.  We also automatically prorate tuition down if one of your scheduled classes falls on a holiday closure.

(Normal expected pricing indicated in blue highlight)


Baby & Me


Beginner Strokes

Per Lesson




4-Lesson Month




5-Lesson Month




The Swim Revolution charges a $35 enrollment fee for new families and a $15.00 re-enrollment fee for previous members.

New families will be automatically prorated and charged at registration and can begin lessons immediately. After initial registration, tuition is charged on the 1st of the month for all scheduled lessons in that month. For example: Tuition is charged July 1st for July classes.

Tuition is charged automatically via Credit Card and Debit Card.  We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover.  Because tuition is auto-drafted on the 1st of the month, an accepted form of payment is required on your account.

Schedule Information

Month-to-Month scheduling means you’re not tied down by any long-term contracts of commitments. Simply put, if you like your lesson day and time, you keep it as long as you like. Your registration will roll from one month to the next until you give us notice of your intent to take a break.

Yes! If consistency is king, repetition is too! Kids who swim on schedule and do it more often learn faster. Sign up for 2 lessons per week for 20% your 2nd tuition each month. We also offer a 10% discount on all a-la-carte lessons, included with any membership

We’ve got your back! Schedules are rough for parents with little ones – we get it.  Just let us know in advance and we’ll schedule you a make-up swim lesson at no charge!

Missed swim lessons automatically show up as available make-up lessons in your parent portal.  The make-up lesson must be scheduled within 90 days from the date of the absence.

Accidents happen, schedules run tight and things get forgotten in the chaos – we get it! We forgive your first no-notice absence, it’s free and we’ll still schedule you a make-up lesson. For any no-notice absences after that, we will charge your account a no-call-no-show fee of $15.00 without the ability to schedule a make-up class.

With two children per class, it’s important we offer the other student a swim buddy. Kids learn better with a swim buddy and it’s a detriment to the student when we cannot fill the class time. It is also a detriment to other families with make-ups, we use classes with absences as opportunities to schedule make-up swims for other families.

Give us a call (404) 354-1180 or email us and we’ll schedule you a make-up class that’s perfect for your little one and your schedule.  * Make-up lessons can be scheduled same day and up to 7-days in advance.

If your child hasn’t graduated from their level, this is not recommended. Missing a few months of swim lessons can send a child back to the starting line and can also reinforce fear of the water. However, sometimes parents have great reasons for taking a break.  In this case we offer two options:

  1. 2-Week Notice: Notify us of your intent to withdrawal and we’ll send you a withdrawal form (don’t worry, it’s short and sweet). Fill it out and you’ll be taking a break two lessons from now.
  2. Immediate Withdrawal: Sometimes in life there is no time to wait.  In this case, we offer an immediate withdrawal. Your account will be charged a 2-lesson no-notice fee.

At your first lesson you’ll receive a The Swim Revolution lessons calendar that clearly outlines all planned closures for holiday’s or otherwise. If you need a replacement calendar, we keep them at the front desk where you can’t miss them!

If we must close the pool for any reason that wasn’t planned for in our The Swim Revolution calendar, each student will be given a make-up lesson. 

Program Information

Swim Lessons for all programs are 30 minutes in length.  This includes 25 minutes of swim time and 5 minutes of parent communication and skill tracking.

2 students per instructor for all FUNdamentals and Beginner Strokes programs. Baby & Me offers a 6 baby/parent to instructor ratio.

This is the #1 most popular question parents ask.  Each child is exceptionally unique, and pace always varies.  In truth, we don’t know how long it will take your child to learn to swim.  This depends on many factors including:

  • The goals you have for your child and what learning to swim looks like to you
  • Your child’s starting ability, muscle development and body coordination
  • Your child’s starting fear level in the water – which may be different on their front or back
  • How often you celebrate their daily wins! Parents who take time to celebrate little accomplishments with their swimmer often see quicker progress.

We’ll keep you informed every step of the way through your child’s progress at The Swim Revolution. We track skills daily and chat with you after each swim lesson. When your child is getting close we’ll let you know and once they’ve reached a new milestone we’ll celebrate together!

Facility Information

Water temperature plays a major role in getting the most out of each swim lesson and keeping your child wanting to get in the water and stay in the water. That’s why we keep the water a warm and comfortable 87°-90°

Air temperature plays a major role in the comfort of your child once they’re wet.  That’s why we keep the air a warm 80°.  We encourage parents to wear layers and clothing comfortable for them at this temperature.

At the Swim Revolution, your child’s safety is our #1 priority. That’s why our pool deck is covered with Life Floor, a rubberized, anti-slip flooring that helps stop falls before they happen and cushion falls that do.  Normally pool facilities use slippery tile and hard concrete, you won’t find that here. 

We take cleanliness seriously.  When we’re open for swim lessons, you’ll see our Cleaning Crew keeping the facility clean and safe for both your child and you.  Bathrooms are monitored, disinfected and restocked every hour on the hour.  Each night we deep clean and disinfect the entire facility head to toe.