We use this step-by-step approach to help your child create amazing memories and learn to love the water! Learning to swim is the outcome, but The Swim Revolution difference is all in the details. Come join the experience.

Swim Lesson Levels

Swim Discovery is an entirely new way for kids to learn to swim inspired by Montessori principles and our observations while teaching thousands of children how to swim.

Unlike traditional swim lessons where a coach teaches specific swimming skills in a class-style environment, Swim Discovery gives children the Freedom to Play and discover how to swim for themselves. Perfect for kids 2 years and up! 45-minute classes.

Designed for toddlers and beginning swimmers aged 30 months to 8 years. This program ignites confidence and extinguishes fear in beginners. By the end of this course, your little one will be able to pass a swim test, enjoy the water comfortably with family and play along with their friends in the pool. Watch your child transition from fear and floaties to a water-safer kid!

*No previous swim experience required.

This program introduces kids to the basics of the 4 formal swimming strokes – freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. Children build endurance that allows them to swim safer and gain confidence in the basics of more advanced swimming techniques. At the end of this program, your child will be on their way to becoming a water-safer kid and will be ready to join an entry-level swim team.

* Must be able to tread water 60+ seconds and paddle swim 25 yards in two minutes or less.


I'm a swimming rhino! And just like your little one I didn't start off knowing how to swim. Most of us rhinos don't. In fact, water used to scare me, so my mom signed me up for swimming lessons at The Swim Revolution. Now I love it and swimming is one of my favorite things to do!

Arlisa Says...

What an excellent swimming school! I had the pleasure of watching my niece swim. Madison came over to check on us and I found her to be friendly and kind. Both of my children had private swim lessons and I felt like my niece is getting a great experience. I would highly recommend the facility.

Kevin S. Says...

We couldn't be happier with the safety, professionalism and dedication of the Swim Revolution staff. His swim lessons are definitely the highlight of his week. He absolutely loves it.

Sergio G Says...

Swim revolution gave the opportunity for our daughter to get into swimming in a safe, caring and thoughtful process. We have seen how the team has grown as a result of their awesome passion to get kids into swimming.

Mike C. Says...

Incredible, these guys totally get kids. They are extremely patient and are experts at getting kids to LISTEN.