Who’s going to remember their skills, your child or the lifeguard? 2 ways TSR helps their skills stick!

Swim Lessons Atlanta

The Survival Swim Game! Let’s Play!

Whoops! You fell in the deep end… Can you make it to the other side? To swim there you’ll need to recall some very important information – let’s see how you do.

This example will require some simple 9th grade math. Are you confident you’ll remember? Let’s hope so. In this game, getting the question right is the same as swimming safely to the other side of the pool and getting it wrong is the same as hoping the lifeguard is watching closely – you’ll need some saving.

Solve this quadratic equation: (3x-2)*(2x-3)

We’ll even give you a hint: FOIL.

So, how’d you do? Did you survive on your own or are you still waiting for that lifeguard?

… How does my ability to recall 9th grade math factor into my kid’s swimming lessons?

More than you can imagine!

Did you know hundreds of learn to swim programs exist around the country and most of them follow a similar structure? Here goes:

  • 2-weeks to 1-month sessions (often in the spring or start of summer)
  • Swim lessons 3-5x per week

You’re thinking, yeah, so? That sounds like a lot of good practice that’ll give my child a leg up. Intensity is a good thing, the more they go each week, the faster they’ll learn! And we’re only committed for a month or two… sounds awesome!

I must admit… it does sound awesome.

Except, research on learning and recall suggests the exact opposite! (And if you’re anything like me, quickly explains why you didn’t get that math problem right above).

Spacing it out! “The Spacing Effect,” as science terms it, shows us how learning is enhanced when practice is spaced out. At The Swim Revolution, our starting package only commits you and your child to once a week lessons. Sure you can add on a second lesson if you choose and some do. But we typically don’t encourage adding more and we always suggest you space them out!

Prolonged exposure! Prolonged exposure to material improves long-term retention of that material. Remember cramming? Lived it… and lost it (lol!). At The Swim Revolution, we think 2-week and 1-month intensive sessions are kind of like cramming for the test. They might remember it for a couple weeks, maybe a few, but how confident are we on week 8, 10, or 20? We like students to learn at their own pace, so we did away with sessions. Once you have a lesson time you like, it’s yours as long as you like. No sessions here, only ongoing, spaced out aquatic learning.

So, if you got that math problem wrong above, don’t feel bad. I did too (until I forced myself to do a few refresher problems J). But, when I learned this stuff, we certainly did not space out our learning and we most certainly did cram. Our goal at The Swim Revolution is to ensure that those few weeks, months and (dare we say) years, after your child graduates from our program will be safer swimming years for you and them.

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