“What gets measured, gets improved!” Why we use an in-water curriculum.

Blog Post 4 - why we use curriculum

Ladies and gentleman, place your bets! Who’s going to win this 2nd grade history test?

  • Brian: He’s been taught by an amazingly thorough teacher who spent her time planning a curriculum and teaching to Brian’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Mackenzie: She’s been taught by a teacher who spent his time improvising class and instead of following a curriculum, taught based on what he thought we relevant that class day.

Even in our New Year’s back-to-work coma, we can place a bet with almost complete certainty!

So, if you would only send your child to a school that utilizes planning and curriculum in their education and studies – why would you send your child into swim lessons with a program or teacher that isn’t brining the curriculum into the pool?

Peter Drucker said it best, “What gets measured, get’s improved.”

Note from the owners:

At The Swim Revolution, every level and every step is documented for each child. Before opening our doors, weeks were spent compiling years of coaching experience and in-depth swimming knowledge into a step-by-step learn to swim framework. Over the past 3 years, we’ve updated, tweaked and refined the curriculum to a point that really pushes each swimmer’s advancement in our program.

To give you a better idea of how the system works: When your child comes in for their swim lesson, they will have their own progress chart (specific to their level and skill base) brought to the pools edge with them. Each progress chart is specific to The Swim Revolution Level that your child is currently progressing through and is made up of 8-12 skill requirements specific to that level.

As your child master’s skills required to complete their current The Swim Revolution Level, they will put stickers on those skills they mastered at that swim lesson. This allows for some really cool things to happen:

1) You’ll have full knowledge of where your money is going. Let’s face it, swim lessons aren’t cheap and you should know how we’re using your money to better your child’s aquatic prowess. You’ll know what your child and their coach worked on each swim lesson and what our plan is for the following lesson. You’ll know where your child is strong and where they need additional practice – great homework opportunities!

2) Your child’s coach is going to save time each class – time that can be used to help further your child’s skill level. How can the curriculum and progress chart save time? We won’t be spending time constantly relearning skills – sure, we will review skills and spend some time making sure they don’t disappear on us… But, the time required to practice a skill is much less than what is required to learn a skill for the first time. We don’t want to waste your time or ours! We love seeing results!

3) Ever have a substitute teacher in class? If so, you know new skills rarely get learned and you end up reviewing and relearning. Not so at The Swim Revolution! What happens if your child’s coach is sick or unable to attend your scheduled class time? Another The Swim Revolution certified coach will take your child’s progress chart and pick back up right where they left off! No wasted time, no wasted money and a happy little swimmer!


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