Real Review: How swimming through the winter gave this mom the summer she deserved!

Swimming Lessons for kids in Atlanta,

“My son, now 3.5, started taking lessons at The Swim Revolution right at age 3. The summer before he was so afraid of the water that he wouldn’t go near it. I was terrified he would fall in by accident and I would have my hands tied with my older daughter. After just 2 months of swim class, my son’s fear completely subsided and he started to develop a real love for the water. By the end of this past summer he was able to swim completely independently! I cannot even explain the level of ease and confidence I had going to the pool with my kids this past summer. Before The Swim Revolution, I was terrified to be at the pool with my kids. Now I know my son would be able to save himself and stay afloat in case of an emergency. We chose to continue his lessons once summer ended because we didn’t want him to regress in his swimming skills and he seems to love it so much! I cannot wait for this coming summer when both my 4 and 6 year olds will be swimming on their own at the pool and beach! Thank you Swim Revolution!”- Andrea (Smyrna Mom & Current TSR Family Member)

Note from the owners: Little beginner swimmers need an average of 4-6 months of swim lessons before they’re swimming floatation free. Once they’re doing that, the risk of drowning drops by up to 88%.

What if you could have a summer like Andrea? Spend a little time this winter and experience the summer you deserve. 25 minutes, once a week is all it takes!