Pool Parties! The newest birthday party option for kids in Atlanta!

Child Birthday Party Atlanta Kids

Bathing Suits, Towels, Goggles, Splash… give em’ that winter birthday bash!

Does your child have a chilly-month birthday? How are you giving them that “invite all your friends and let’s do something unique” birthday party? Let’s face it… The birthday party options around Atlanta are limited!

If you were lucky enough to have a summer birthday as a kid, you don’t know the pain… One of our owners, Jeff was one of the unlucky winter babies, always begging mom to throw his party in the summer. He never won that battle, but your kids can!

If you weren’t already, you’re about to become their hero!

Pool parties are here at The Swim Revolution! It’s an exclusive 90° indoor-pool party kind of thing! That’s right, the entire Swim Revolution facility becomes your private playground. Now even in the winter, they can invite all of their friends and throw the party of the year!

Here are a few reasons to plan a party with us this winter:

The #1 Reason – You can relax! Let us plan their perfect party. We’ll take care of the

  • Invitations
  • Decorating
  • Cupcake ordering
  • Clean up

Talk about easy, right? We’ve got lifeguards on duty for your two-hour private party. They’re going to have a blast! And if their imaginations run out of fun games (not likely!), your Swim Revolution party coordinator will be on hand to help organize some super fun games, too!

We’re thrilled to add to the list of winter-friendly birthday party options for Atlanta families! When you’re ready to book or if you just want some more information – parties@www.theswimrevolution.com. You can always give us a call too: (404) 354-1180.

We look forward to planning your perfect pool party soon!