Learning to swim without floatation = learning to dance on a tightrope. Why we use floatation with all beginner swimmers.

Floatation child swim lessons

You wouldn’t learn to dance on a tightrope.
You wouldn’t learn to climb on Everest.

More likely…

When you learned to ride a bike, you used training wheels.
And when you learned to do math, you started with addition.

When tackling something new, we learn best by mastering the simplest things first. And certainly, it’s impossible to learn if your anxious with fear.

In it’s most basic form, swimming is kicking, pulling, balancing, breathing, lifting your chin, rolling your head and turning your hips – it’s feeling the water and learning to glide. It’s complex.

If you’re short, the water’s deep and you don’t yet know how to swim. It’s terrifying.

Can you imagine learning to dance while fearfully balancing yourself on a tightrope 100 feet above the ground? Would you be able to glide through the intricate choreography with the fluidity of a ballerina?

We know for an adult the analogy is wild, but for a child, it’s a glimpse into their reality. When children are focusing on the very real fear of “falling” (as they call it), or drowning (as we call it), they can’t possibly be focused on the kicking, pulling, balancing, breathing… etc.

Until the day children are born without the fear of “falling,” we will be here, using progressive floatation and living The Swim Revolution motto: Having Fun! Building Confidence! Swimming SAFER!

A note from the owners:
We hope the above analogy drives home why it’s important for child-based swimming lesson programs to incorporate progressive floatation into their program. You might be wondering, what is “progressive floatation?” Good question!

Progressive Floatation Vest: At The Swim Revolution, we use floatation vests that start with 10 floatation inserts inside their shell. Once children master all Level 1 (our beginner swim level) skills, we remove an insert and continue repeating our Level 1 skill mastery until the child is swimming completely independently of the vest. This method is a big piece of living The Swim Revolution Motto, Having Fun! Building Confidence! Swimming SAFER!

To learn more about how The Swim Revolution can help your child Build Confidence!, please visit us at our website www.theswimrevolution.com! Email us at team@www.theswimrevolution.com or give us a call (404) 354-1180.

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